воскресенье, 28 ноября 2010 г.

Lumiere Cosmetics. Lovely Blush.

I like the blushes from Lumiere! They are very beautiful!!  Blushes are very well blended and so silky!
Мне очень нравятся румяна от Lumiere - красивые и интересные цвета, легкое нанесение, разнообразие оттенков.

Fresh Roses - Soft & silky sweet pink rose.
Au Naturale - A simply stunning creamy apricot with a soft brown undertone and a slight golden shimmer
Cherry Blossom - A sweet muted cherry with a slight brown undertone infused with gorgeous glimmers of pink & violet
Mauvelous - An muted berry-pink infused with a touch of plum.
Magnolia is a muted pinky-purple with a matte finish.
Wild Rose - A subtle blend of burnished peach with a slight rose tone

Sugar Berry is a sweet and subtle color, much like a sun washed mauve color. This has a matte, luminous finish with no sparkles.
Spiced Apple is a great muted red/pink/copper shade has a slight sheen.
Ditto '0'. This is a beautiful blend of peach and pink with a light golden shimmer
Crimson. Subtle deep warm red, used sparingly you can control the depth of this soft textured, mostly matte, red blush.
Terra Cotta - Medium bodied nude peach.
Adobe Sunset - Neutral peachy-nude, no shimmer.

Летом моими самыми любимыми были Ditto '0' и Fresh Roses, сейчас я предпочитаю Spiced Apple, Cherry Blossom и Au Naturalle.
In summer my favorites were Ditto '0' и Fresh Roses, but now I prefer Spiced Apple, Cherry Blossom и Au Naturalle.

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