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My lovely Hi-Fi Cosmetics. Part 2.

As I have told I love Hi-Fi eyes shadows so much! They are gorgeous and amazing! Eye shadows so shimmering and sparkling and so unique and well pigmented.
Как я уже писала ранее я в восторге от теней Hi-Fi! Они очень красиво и просто "маст хэв" если вы любите тени с шиммером!!! Их отличают уникальные цвета и хорошее нанесение.
Без базы (no base):
on Lumene eye primer:
SUGAR is a bright, pearly white shade. No shimmer, just pure white pearl...SO pretty!
CRIPPLED PLAYTHING is a cool, medium green with icy shimmer!
SWEET CHILD appears very pale in the jar, but when applied, it is a very pearly, sheer pink.
PROMISCUOUS is a color shifting pink with lots of purple interference.
HOT COCOA is a rich milk chocolate with a pearl finish. Yum!

LOSER KING is a metallic beige loaded with sparkle!
WORDS ARE THE REMEDY... It's an absolutely gorgeous peach-champagne metallic-beige.
CHAMPAGNE TOAST is reminiscent of bubbly champagne on New Year's Eve! It's a peachy gold with a hint of pink pearl. Gorgeous!
LULLABY is a soft, shimmering cream color...perfect for highlight!
MILLIONS OF PEACHES. It's a lovely peach color with pinkish tones when the light hits it. Lots of gold and orange sparkles!
PRINCE CHARMING is a delicate pink with a super-shimmery beige overtone.
WANTED is a rich copper brown with chocolate sparkles! GORGEOUS!!!
HELL FROZEN is a smoky plum that shifts from a warm, golden plum to one with a cooler, aqua undertone.
MY PAIN is a dark, bloody burgundy with cappuccino sparkles. INTENSE!
CHICAGO is a rich primary blue with a metallic sheen. Magnificent!
JULIA DREAM is an amazingly shimmery blue with lime green and purple sparks.

My favorites are Lullaby, Julia Dream, Sugar, Sweet Child, Hot Cocoa and Words are the Remedy!

Hi Voltage skin tone eyeshadow base
Sugar (inner corner)
Promiscuous (lid)
Julia Dream (crease)
My Pain (lower lashline)

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